J4L Modules

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Module 1


14-18 Days

This is an immersive 2+ weeks (optional) research based educational tour designed for university students, research scholars and professionals. Live and eat with the communities, breathe in the wilderness, go on long guided nature walks, and get hands-on experience on conducting research on nature, culture and society.

Click to explore a sample itinerary. These itineraries can be customised according to the group’s requirement.

Module 2


8 Days

This module is a short duration research based tour, open for all groups - graduate and postgraduate students, scholars and professionals. It is especially designed to accommodate groups on experiential learning academic excursion

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Module 3


3-6 Days

This module is thoughtfully designed to make experiential learning available for all groups (Above 10 years), including families. This tour will give you the opportunity to explore your interest in people and places of Northeast - live, cook and eat with the locals, learn about their life and livelihoods, their agriculture, as well as their cultures, biodiversity and wildlife around.

Based on your interest we could also include ethereal experiences like bird and butterfly watching, and trekking through quaint forest trails with a traditional lunch in the forest.

Ingnum Kengkum

Trek Through Karbi Forests

1 Day

Ingnam Kengkum translates to ‘Walking in the forest’ in Karbi language. Ideal for a group of 10 max, this immersive trek is for those who are on a tight schedule but want a locally guided experience of walking through the forests of the Karbi hills near Kaziranga National Park. This trek tour is guided by local and subject experts.

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Village Walk

Walk through quaint Karbi settlement

Guided by local guides expert in the socio-cultural ecological history of the area, this walk for 2-3 hrs (or longer) through an indigenous Karbi settlement by the Kohora River (locally known as Kindu Langso) will allow you to get an experiential understanding of the people, place and their practices. Village walk will also have [Book] that takes to the contact us page.


Get in touch with us and lets customise your experiential learning tour. Tell us your interest area or the theme you would like to explore. We can curate the itinerary together.