Academic and Other Exercises

The following three modules offers a wide array of experiential learning. The modules can be customized based on the interest and expectations of a group (with some limitations).

Academic Exercise


Micro studies are small scale study confined to a hamlet, cluster of houses in case of village and very small area not more than 500 sq m in case of natural areas like forests, grasslands, river catchment, etc. The studies are conducted systematically by small groups with expert guidance that involves methodological design, field study, data analysis, sharing and report writing. The Micro-studies are conducted in Karbi Anglong or in Manas or in both locations.


Micro activities are short action-based learning exercises customized based on age group as well as interest and preferences of the group. Groups work with local practitioners/experts in the area of art, craft, hand loom, agriculture, plant nursery, food processing, ethnic culinary, along exploration and experimentation learning under skillful guidance of in-house experts of Aaranyak. Most suitable activities are selected for a group based on length of journey and their interest.

The Micro-activities are conducted in the villages of Karbi Anglong or in Manas or in both locations.

Academic Exercise


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